O Lady Luck – Ray Charles

One of the exciting things about having worked with Kenny over the years began just months after I joined the group in 1979 when NBC asked Kenny to do his very first Television special.  This one was the first of many specials that we did, and it was certainly very special, in fact, this very first TV special was named “A Very Special Kenny Rogers” and was filmed in Nashville at the Grand Ole’ Opry, with a full orchestra backing us.

The thrill of the evening for everyone, especially for me and others in the band, was backing up the incomparable Ray Charles. He has always been a hero of mine and to be allowed to play bass with him was such an honor.

We performed a song that Kenny and our piano player Steve Glassmeyer had written by the name of “O Lady Luck.” It was performed by both Kenny and Ray as a duet, while we as Kenny’s band backed them up… what a great time…enjoy!